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Need MM logo badge and "110 RD Fifty" ID badge

Hello - please contact me and let me know if you have either of these (Music Man logo badge and "110RD Fifty" ID); just the MM logo would be great, but both would be awesome. Thank you! Woody Key woodykey@gmail.com


Need MM amp logo

Hey! If you still have amp logos and would be willing to ship to Finland I would be interested in buying one. You can contact me at joheik(a)utu.fi


RD100 Head Black Faced Badges

Looking for a complete set of badges for my RD100 head.

Robin Henkel
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Music Man Badge

I would like to get the Music Man badge that is 3 3/8 x 3 1/2. How do I get one?

Thank you.

pete md

badge for MM HD130R

I'm looking te replace badge on my MM HD130R.
(image added)
Can I find it here?

pete md

badge for MM HD130R

I'm looking te replace badge on my MM HD130R.
(image added)
Can I find it here?


MM LOGO & 212 HD 130 Badge

Need cabinet badges for my 212 HD amp.



I'm looking for both the MM and 212 HD 130R badges

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Would like to purchase 2 large logos.

Need two large top left MM logos for head/cab. Silver background for HD 130 head and 412 GS cab. If available please let me know here or send info to spraggins2@msn.com.


Badges 212 HD130

Hi, I'm looking for both grill badges for a 212 HD130. Do you still have stock?


RD50 Badge?

Looking for an RD50 Badge for a 112.


Need a Music Man Badge

Hey I’m in need of a Music man badge and the 112 RD 50 badge as well if you have the mold. Contact me at Lawdoggs357@gmail.com Thanks!

Kevin Small

Large Badge

I need one of the large badges for the upper left corner of my HD 130 what does that run and how can I order? Please contact me at kevsmall23@cox.net.


Hoping that these are still

Hoping that these are still being made. I'm looking for both badges for an HD 130 bass head. Please contact via message on this forum. Thanks!


MusicMan Amp Logo Badges

I need a 4-inch badge for my cabinet--Please let me know how I can get a 4-inch badge (silver background w/black figures).



Do you have a black on silver 412-gs id badge?

Justa Hackin’

Musicman Repro Badges

Is Amp Craftsman 86 still out there and in business?


My last contact with Steve -

My last contact with Steve - whose work is incomparable - was back in July or this year. He had just moved and said he would not be able to do any repro badge work for a while.

I need a few RD-50 badges if anyone has some to spare.


Steve’s email

What is Steve’s email address? I need a music man badge

MusicManChassis Straps

Replacement Badges.

I need badges too. Does anybody know how much he charged for the big MM badge? I'm thinking of having a few molded. If I can get it done, I'll offer them for sale. I'm not sure it's feasible, but it's worth exploring.

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HD-130 Reverb Head badge

Hi MusicManChassis Straps if you are going to recreate some badges, you got a buyer right here.
Any idea what would be the cost of manufacturing them ?


Michael Regimenti

HD-130 Reverb badge

I'm looking for a replacement HD-130 Reverb badge tor my amp. Do you have one?


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hens teeth

you will be lucky to find any original or even replica badges. I am actually considering getting a 3d printer and making some. In my opinion, the worst thing that ever happened to Musicman was Ernie Ball. literally, any EB stuff is way inferior to a proper Leo Fender made MM


Need Silver background Logo Badge and 212 HD 130 badge

Looking for MusicMan Silver background Logo Badge and 212 HD 130 badge for 1975 amp


I don't suppose....

Hi. Lovely job with the reproduction. Do you have any left to sell?




Replacement Badge for 120B bass head

I would like to know if a replacement badge is available for the 120B Bass head

PDF icon 120B-Badge.pdf34.07 KB
Marin Teddy

Hi do you still do them?

Hi do you still do them?

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I have his email address. If

I have his email address. If you are interested, let me know and I will contact him by email and tell him to replay to you. Contact me through the site if you are still interested. Mike.


Music Man badge

Hi. I would like to have a reproduction of the Music Man badge (black background/silver raised portion) for the top left corner of HD 130 head.

Marin Teddy

Hi Mike !!! You're everywhere

Hi Mike !!! You're everywhere haha ! Yes I am still interested! Yes tell him to contact me ! Thank you!!!!

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Sent him an email.

Sent him an email.

mm210's picture

Did he ever respond to you?

Did he ever respond to you?

Marin Teddy

Nope didn't have an answer

Nope didn't have an answer

mm210's picture

Got an email from him

Got an email from him yesterday. Mike


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