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Amp Craftsman 86
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I don't have a mold for that one... I'll keep an eye out, though. Good luck on the project!

Deacon Dan

Need late 70's large amp badge for 212 HD 130 amp

Can you supply this badge for my amp?Please let me know.

Deacon Dan

Need late 70's large amp badge for 212 HD 130 amp

Can you supply this badge for my amp?Please let me know.

Amp Craftsman 86
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You bet...

I can do the large logo in the color scheme as shown in your photo....

Deacon Dan


Please let me know how to order and pay for the item. You can send a message to me....

Deacon Dan

Order and Payment

Please send a PayPal invoice to me at dollenamor@aol.com to order and pay for this item. Thanks.

Amp Craftsman 86
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Please contact me directly

Deacon Dan, I sent a message. please respond to me directly via email or site message to arrange the transaction. That way we don't clog up the message board here...


Not sure if I did this correctly...

Hi AmpCraftsman
Trying to get in contact with you for badge purchase. Not sure how to find your direct email to set that up and didn't want to clog up the message board. Thanks, Mark.

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Still need to borrow an RH badge?

Hey Homie, Did anyone ever step up to the plate or do you still need to to borrow the 212RH badge to make a mold???
I have a "212RH one thirty" cab, if you need them then I would be glad to help out.


Badge for 120B Bass Head

Do you have the rectangular 120B badge available?


Musicman 212 HD130 Badge

I need the badge for Musicman 212 HD130. Upper. How do I go about purchasing badge? Pls reply. Thx.

Amp Craftsman 86
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Logo badge

You can message me through the site by clicking on my profile... I have a mold for the upper logo as well as the 212HD one thirty ID badge....

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Reproduction badge

Hello, I am in need of a badge for a Music Man 210-65 amp, I just need the upper. I have the lower. IS this still a thing that someone is doing?

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reproduction badges

I need the upper badge for my Music Man 210-65 amp. Are you still doing this?

Amp Craftsman 86
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Large logo

Yes, I can provide the large logo in the 70's color scheme. Click on my profile for messaging...

barricaded suspect

Need badge for 70s 115 RH cab

Need the big music man logo badge with black background.

Amp Craftsman 86
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115 RH Logo

A 115RH logo in black? Seems unusual. I thought they only came with silver. That's what mine has. But yes, I can do the large cabinet logo in black, and I can do the 115RH logo as well if you need it. Click on my profile and send a message for details...


Any badges in stock?

I have been looking for quite some time now and came across this
Blog. Brilliant! Making your castings and they look excellent. Do you have any made up right now? I'd love to purchase a couple for display in my studio. Thanks, Mark

Amp Craftsman 86
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A Few in Stock

... But I can always cast more. A little delved because I'm working out of state. What are you looking for?

conductor tom
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Music Man badges

Just traded for a RD100 head and cab. Cab missing badge and head missing the rd100 badge. Do you have any and how much? thanks

Amp Craftsman 86
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Partial help...

I can do the large cab badge in black. I don't have a mold for RD100, sorry. Click on my profile and message if you'd like the logo...

conductor tom
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Black cab badge.

Yes, I would be interested in the cab badge. How much and where do I need to send payment? Thanks
Tom LeClair

Amp Craftsman 86
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Messaged you...


Music man 112 rd 50 badge

Anybody out there know where I can get a musicman 112 rd 50 badge ?
Extremely hard to find and I even contacted mark bass to try grab a reproduction but the informed me that the have nothing to do with the assembly of the new amps just the design.


Musicman 212 HD130 Badge

can i get a mold have you tried that liquid rubber as seen on tv if i get the mold thats what i would try first

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'78 Model 65 head - need logo and the "Sixty Five" model badge

I've PM'd you - need badges for a 1978 Model 65 head - need MM logo and the "Sixty Five" model
badge (not the reverb version) in silver.


Musicman 130 212 HD

I need the large Musicman badge for a 130 212HD. Silver background. 4 1/6 wide 4 3/16 tall



I would need one of these decals... can you please contact me. thanks daniel


Amp Badge for 210 - 65

Do you have this logo badge available? It is silver with black raised letters, borders and the figurines. It measures 3 1/2 tall and 3 3/8 wide.

Thanks, Bill

Toro Toro Taxi

HD 130- 212 badges

Hey, Was wondering if the HD 130 212 badges were still available, I need both if you have them. thanks


amp logo plate

Hello from France,
I'm looking for a large Music Man amp plate and a 212 one thirty,
Do you have any reproductions of this ?
Thank you !
Best regards



Hey is this still available ? i would be interested in both logos for HD 212 130 with white background if thats possible. Do you also ship to Slovakia (eu) ? Contact me plz on jspiszak@gmail.com


Long Overdue Review of Steve's Repro MM Badges

Steve made me a large MM logo badge for an HD 130 Reverb I was restoring some time ago. Here is what I sent him:

Steve -

Received the MM logo badge today, it totally exceeded my expectations. I saw the photos and reviews on the MM forum, but in person they are incredible. Indistinguishable from the originals. Well, actually, they are better than the originals, as the detail is sharper, they are lighter, and they won't rust. Thanks for providing a great item at a reasonable price.

Only issue is that the rest of the amp I am restoring looks shabby by comparison, will have to clean it up better now..


Musicman HD 130 210 combo both badges

Hi, is it possible to order both silver badges from 2x10 early HD 130 210 combo?
Example attached.
Thank you in advance for answer.


Pre Ernie Ball badge RD100

If I send you the RD100 badge, can you make a mold from it? I would also need the upper MM badge.


Badge material?

What are your badges made from?


musicman AMP Badges

Has anyone had contact with Steve Nordstrom/ampcraftsman 86 to determine if he is still reproducing amp Badges-I have sent a PM to him and have seen this thread ask for response for purchasing of badges but it appears that he is no longer making them or ?-anyone had contact with him in 2018?


Amp badges

well-I have tried to contact ampcraftsman86/steve Nordstrom by PM in hopes that he is still reproducing amp badges and followed this thread and see that any comments posted in 2018 have gone without a reply from him-Has anyone had contact from him in 2018-I would like to buy a badge if he is still producing them

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HD130 212

I need the large MM Badge for the upper left and the HD130 logo for the lower right in silver w black lettering. What’s the cost and how long does it take to get them? Thanks

Chops and a 65

Need Music Man Badges for a MM65 Reverb

I'm looking for the larger Music Man badge and the smaller "Sixty-Five Reverb" badge.


Small Silver Logo for a head and...


I am looking for the Small Silver MM Logo and a HD One thirty badges for a head.

The Cold Solder Joint.

Artisan Luthiers
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110 RD 50 Badges (Top Left and Lower Right)

Hello -
Please get in touch with me with any info on available badges for a 110RD 50 Amp. I need these two items:

one Music Man Logo Badge
one Music Man Model Badge 110 RD 50

Thank you!
Artisan Luthiers


Need BOTH badges for an HD 130 210

Are either of these available?



65 - 210 Badge needed

Anyone have or reproducing this badge? It measures 3 1/2" tall and 3 3/8" wide.
Reply to


MM logo

Hi Amp craftsman 86, I am after an MM logo plate. Would you have one i can purchase and post to Australia? I am restoring an RD 112.

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Badge for 4x10 HD 130

Hey, I am wondering if there is a website or any way that I could either get a used or new badge for my music man 4x10 HD 130? I would love to purchase one as mine didn't come with it.


HD 212

Hi, do you still have the badges available for my HD 212?


ampcraftsman 86

has anyone got a response from ampcraftsman 86/steve nordstrom or is this a dead link?

Amp Craftsman 86
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Hey Randy, see below....

Hey Randy, see below....

Amp Craftsman 86
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Amp Craftsman (Steve) Still Here

Hey All-

Although I don't visit the site much, I still monitor requests for badges via email. Apologies for being hard to get hold of; I moved my household from Florida to Washington last year, and then suffered a significant fall injury that had me out of commission. I've sent a few badges out over the last weeks and I anticipate providing them to the MM group as time allows.
I have a few logos in stock and ready for painting and a limited number of ID Badges (HD 130 reverb, 212 one thirty, RH 115, etc). I prefer to just paint the '70's color scheme (black on silver) because the opposite doesn't look as good as I would like. If you would like to get one, please contact me via message or email- your patience is also appreciated; this is a limited hobby for me... thanks!


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