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He's not dead yet!


Steve Kennedy (admin)
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Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2010 - 08:04 pm:   

As many of you have noticed, I have not been taking an active role on this site in recent years. This was by design as my time is extremely limited. The idea was to provide a place where users could/would help each other. This largely has happened out of necessity!

In the last 18 months my job has morphed into something different (mainly due to the economy), I am working more hours on tighter deadlines (and "enjoying it less" as the old cigarette TV commercial goes). Added to this I have been taking on more live music opportunities as my specialized electronics repair side-business has been winding down. I also have developed a chronic health problem which has caused me to focus on cutting down to fewer activities.

I simply don't have the time or energy to do any day-to-day administration on this site or even process New User registration requests! November 28, 2009 was the last time I processed such requests and this is far too long a delay. As many of you older users may recall, this used to be an open system that did not require registration. However, active and relentless spamming have required that registration be initiated to keep the site operational and free of the pollution of ads for Viagra, on-line gambling and gay porn sites!

I have recruited several established users who will be helping out by processing new user registrations for me. I needed to get some help in this specific area as I cannot devote any time to get this done on a regular basis.

I answer e-mail inquiries from unregistered users because they cannot post on the site and this is getting to be a bigger burden than processing the user requests so I need some relief!

Thanks to all for keeping this site alive in my absence and I hope that a little help will allow me to occasionally visit the site and participate myself!