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Lets hear from you musicman guitar guys!


Bill Traylor (bozzy369)
Username: bozzy369

Registered: 02-2008
Posted on Friday, April 10, 2009 - 10:39 pm:   

I know alot of people who come to this site think if I don't have a musicman from the 70's this site don't care about me ,not true !There are alot of great guitars invented for Mr Ball that bear the Musicman logo.I would love to hear how you feel about your axis/van halen or your Steve Morse model or my fav the Luke.If you got a sabre that's great too,lets just hear something ,ok?
spudmurphy (spudmurphy)
Username: spudmurphy

Registered: 06-2007
Posted on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 - 06:53 am:   

Well I currently have 5 Musicman guitars.
3 Albert Lee's
1 van Halen Hard tail
1 JP6 mystic Dream fully loaded (which I am very shortly moving on)
Why 3 Albert Lee's?

For me this is the perfect guitar, and I know it's kind of strange coming from a Les Paul Custom background (yes I still have that too!), but I love the single coils, as well as feel, playability and ease of set up of the guitar.
It has a trem & a Piezo which I run thro an AER acoustic amp, and I run my mags to my MM RP112 amp.
My second Albert is a 2006 Limited Edition model (which has SOLID GOLD!! Trem tip and pickup selector switch
:-)) It differs to the first insofar it has MM90 pickups and a rosewood board (not common in 2006).
My 3rd Albert is my lightest guitar ever weighing in at just over 6lbs. It's different too being a hardtail and has titanium saddles.
My Van Halen is a hardtail - one of 200 built and is a real thing of beauty having a great tiger flame in the body and a nice birdseye neck.
Finally my JP6 - this was in a "sorry state" when I got it and I had to do a lot of work to it. It's great now - but I'm letting it go to find another MM guitar.
I'm on the Ernie ball forum
http://forums.ernieball.com/members/spud murphy.html
and if you view the hyperlinks in my Ernie Ball signature, you can see pictures of my guitars.
I played my first Albert live in a pub last night and I was approached by members of the audience saying it was the finest sounding guitar that they had heard. A couple of Strat players openly said that theirs didn't sound as good- I wasn't even playing through my own gear!! :-)
spudmurphy (spudmurphy)
Username: spudmurphy

Registered: 06-2007
Posted on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 - 07:08 am:   

edit to the above
when you click on the link in the previous thread
http://forums.ernieball.com/members/spud murphy.html
You then need to click on the TAB "About Me".
You will find my signature at the bottom, along with the embedded hyperlinks

I love EBMM Guitars

I too am a HUGE fan of the EBMM guitars especially the Luke. Here is a picture of my Luke's.

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