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HD Video of recent gig with my 410-65


Steve Kennedy (admin)
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Posted on Saturday, September 08, 2007 - 04:54 pm:   

As many of you have probably already figured out, I am a busy boy and don't hang out on this system very much! Here is one of the reasons why:

I was recently asked to assemble 13 of my dearest friends (all of whom went to the same high school and played in the school Stage Band) into a band to play a high school Alumni gig. We had 4 guitars, bass, 2-drummers, keyboards, 3 Trumpets, Sax & Flute. As a band, we are known as "Artificial Hip" and play only once or twice a year:

"Artificial Hip", Central Catholic Alumni Weekend, 8/4/07

I used my trusty 1977 Music Man 410-65 (solid state P.I.) as I always do:

Steve Kennedy, Central Catholic Alumni Weekend w/ Music Man 410-65

Here is a link to a 50MB AVI video file converted down from a handheld HD Video camera ("Cold Shot"):

"Cold Shot" HD Video

The other lead guitar player (Frank Murray) is playing through his Tech 21 Trademark 120.

Here is a 70MB file of Van Morrison's "Wild Nights" with the whole band (I play the signature guitar parts). A bit loose but a lot of fun for a bunch of old guys who only practiced 5 times to pull off over an hour of music:

"Wild Nights" HD Video

These may or may not stream well for you... they are large files. If it doesn't stream for you, then download the file and play it from your local hard drive.

If your system will not play these files (Windows Media Player requires the DiVX installation) just install the free DiVX player at:

DiVX Installation