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Music Man Bass Guitars

If you thought finding information about your Music Man amp was difficult, trying looking for technical information on the guitars & basses!

The Music Man basses have always had an avid following and are well respected. Ernie Ball still manufactures basses based on these original designs and there are several "clone" manufacturers making aesthetic copies of these basses!

Pre-Ernie Ball Music Man basses still command top dollar and hold their value!

Tells us about your Music Man Bass!

How did you acquire it? How long have you had it? What are your model's distinguishing features? What year was it made and what is the Serial Number? What color or finish?

How's the tone? Is it stock or hot-rodded? What kind of music do you play? What amp do you use with it? What effects do you use?

Brag away! This is the place for it!

You may attach a SMALL (50k or less) GIF or JPEG photo to your listing.

Alternatively, you may LINK to a larger set of photos on your own site.
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Music Man Basses

Didn't know if you guys were interested but there is a site, not affiliated with us, that has a boatload of info. It's at :

Lots of info there. Mike.

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