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Dean Ween (Ween)


James Wilson
Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2006 - 01:17 pm:   

http://www.chocodog.com/chocodog/shlomo. jpg
Posted on Saturday, January 28, 2006 - 07:02 pm:   

awesome, ween are great!
John Drexler
Posted on Thursday, February 02, 2006 - 03:33 pm:   

Anybody who puts a pack of smokes and half a bottle of something on top of a vintage amp ain't smart and ain't a pro. This coming from a guy who's played saloons for 40 years and seen many a player blow up a tube amp when a drink on top of it gets knocked over and drips down into glowing tubes! They may sound great, but it ain't all in the chops, y'know? Savvy comes with experience. When I see some hot guitar slinger with a nice rig and a burning cigarette stuck behind the nut, or burning on the edge of a nice amp...it yells "amature" real loud to me. This Ween guy obviously doesn't know what he has in that amp or he'd take better care of it. A guitarist makes money with his equipment...a pro takes care of it with painstaking tenderness. Anything less is sloppy work habits, and if it blows up during a performance, it stamps the player as less than worldly. Just my 2-cents worth of observation from a cranky old-school, union, picky band leader. Who owns two MM's and loves them both dearly. Heck. I still require my sidemen to be in uniform when we play. I'm a dinosaur. What ever happend to "class?" Sigh.
Posted on Friday, February 03, 2006 - 04:35 pm:   

I hear what your saying John, personally i never, especially because my amp is in real good nick. The crap thing is, the rest of the band think they can use my amp as a beer holder, or worse still, the drunks at the bar im playing at, it cheeses me off. As for ween though, they are probably millionares, and have 50 vintage amps, but thats no excuse, good discussion John, keep it real.