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Hello…new to this forum and am hoping someone can clue me in
I have a pair of these MM A-12G/HD speakers…big Alnicos built by Eminence. I had them reconed long ago and
at long last put them in a cab. When I had these done, I had two 10“ MM Emis reconed, too…
?A-10G/HD??? They sounded great in a little open back cab.
These A-12G/HDs are just too dark….no high end at all. Unusable for guitar, Imho. A friend played on them and agreed…but then recalled that he had played a MM 212HD130 amp back in the day with these speakers and that he liked what they did in that big MM combo.
So…whadahey? Were these reconed with parts that yielded the A-12RH which was built for Bass? I have trouble thinking these can be used for guitar. What are your experiences with original A-12G/HD speakers.
Any insight is appreciated.

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From what I have experienced

From what I have experienced with Music Man speakers, they were usually quite bright. A lot of midrange but perfectly suited for guitar but I don't know what you are looking for. The 10's in my 2-10 have no BASS so I guess it's what you get with 10's. Without contacting the re-coner, you might never know. Mike.


Thanks for the reply. As I

Thanks for the reply. As I noted, the big magnet 10” Alnicos…also MM built by Emi….were and still are great sounding speakers. I may have these reconed again. It is a shame to waste such big Alnico magnets. I have a Mesa MKIII Green Stripe head that could use these.

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