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I try to find out which year my 'new' 112-RP-100 was manufactured. Can you please help me?

Chassis: 2100 RP
Speaker: EVM Model 12L
Serial Number: DP03788

So the speaker is neither an EVM HD nor a Ceramic and there is no EVM in the Model Number. Maybe I understood something wrong in the list.

Thank you!




Does the 8826 on the Speaker mean it was manufactured 26th week of 1988?


Date Code

Yes. Most likely 8826 is the date code for that speaker. The other numbers are inconclusive when searching the web. It does say Electro Voice in one of the pictures. It may be a replacement speaker and not OEM. To find the true date of manufacture, there is usually a hand written date and initials on the main PCB inside the amp. You will need to open it up to see the date. Most likely it's birthday is somewhere between 1981 and 1985. What color is the tolex covering? I could be mistaken but it was usually the Blonde amps that were OEM'd with HD EVM speakers. -mgriffin

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