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HD 130 Reverb

Just bought a rather shabby HD 130 Reverb head as a gamble.
This is my first Music Man.
The first thing you see is that Ch2 Inp1 jack is missing and that the pilot light only lights up when the HiLo switch is in Lo. Also that the reverb tank in gone.

Checked inside and sees that the HiLo switch is bypassed and really only turns the light on (Didn't look too closely if it was connected like Hi or Lo). Also see that the Ohm selector switch is bypassed and only the 4 ohm cable is used from the output transformer.
It has JJ E34L tubes in it.

Anyone have a guess as to why it is the way it is?

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All I can say is be carefull.

All I can say is be carefull. It sounds like it's been hacked to sell. First things first, if you are planning on actually powering up the transformer and going forward, you need to rig up a test lamp circuit to keep from eating fuses. THis will allow you to power it up and see if there is a massive drain or short in the transformer or a short somewhere else. Mike.


Would have told you it works,

Would have told you it works, previous owner used it as is for 5+ years, with a 115RH-65(8ohm?) . It's only me who wants to make it original again (well, a pro technician).

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Ah, it works! You didn't

Ah, it works! You didn't say that! Anyway, if you are up to it, I would make it useable and functioning normally if you can. They are wonderful amps when working right. Plenty of schematic here and I have some gut shots somewhere if you need them of one with 12ax7 PI. Probably the SS driver too somewhere. Mike.

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