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RD100 Head - Missing Convenience Outlet on rear

Just picked up a super clean RD100 head in Pinwhale White. Damn near immaculate with the exception of the convenience outlet missing. I havent removed the chassis yet, but peering through the hole, I can see some wires that look to be taped off.

I just ordered a 1" receptacle, but not going to rush to hook it up. Odd that it was removed in the first place. Previous owner was meticulous with care and maintenance. Actually bought his RD112 50 combo as well and it is a winner.

IF I decide to hook up the receptacle, Im curious about the wiring. Looked at schematics on the downloads and resources area of this site and no indication of which color wires go where. Not an electronis wiz, but I have done some basic work on amps. Cap jobs, and very simple mods etc... Advice is highly appreciated.

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Black hot. Brass screw if

Black hot. Brass screw if they are different colors. It's also the smaller opening if they are different sizes. Usually not unless it's two wire polarized. White is silver screw, neutral. Of course, green is ground. Don't really know what else to tell you. Mike

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Thanks. It is very

Thanks. It is very rudimentary, but first time ever opening up a MM. Just wanted to be sure nothing unusual. Appreciate the reply.

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