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Wiring for a 2-prong Carling On/Off switch

I'm trying to do some of my own work on my 212 HD One Fifty amp, and just replaced the (2) caps in the "doghouse", replaced the (4) 6L6 tubes, and in the process of replacing the 2-prong Carling on/off toggle switch. New switch just arrived yesterday, and I'm trying to make sure I attach the black wire and white wires to the correct terminals. I know black is hot and the (2) white wires are neg or ground. Since the prongs are so close to each other, is their a good way to isolated the wires from each other? Does it matter which prongs are used for the black and white wires? I should have taken a photo of the original switch on the position of the wires. Thanks for any suggestions!


Keep them Seperated

The switch is SPST so it doesn't matter which side Black or White goes to. The important thing is to keep the white wires separated from the black wire. -mgriffin

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