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Franz Fistula

Speakers for MM 2x12 HD-130?

Hello there,

I have a Music Man 2x12 130-HD combo and are looking to replace the speakers (as I managed to blow the original ones).

I found a good deal on a pair of G12K-100 and was wondering if anyone has tried these in the above mentioned amp? A good or bad idea?

It should be said I do crank this amp a lot and therefore want some extra wattage in fear of blowing the speakers (again).

Let me know what you think! Other suggestions are also appreciated.



Why not?

Most Celestions sound good in any amp. If you found a good deal, why not? I put a Creamback in my RD65-112 and love it. The G12K 100-12 has a 50oz magnet. That's huge. Take a look at the Celestion website and check the data sheets and graphs. Good luck. -mgriffin

RD112's picture

Electro-Voice 12L

The EVM-12L is the upgraded OEM speaker in my RD100 - 112...
It is rated at something like 250-Watts. The current version is 200 Watts.
They are Xpensive!
You can Watch Kijiji etc. for OEM Music Man Speakers as they do come up occassionally.
Also, the Peavy Black Widow ..which is also a EVM12L in disguise (I think).

EVM12L Classic
World’s greatest guitar loudspeaker
Classic sound with road-ready reliability
Favorite of guitarists in all styles
High-performance heavy-duty design
200W Power handling
Frequency response: 80Hz – 7kHz (-10 dB)
Heavy-duty cast frame for reduced low-frequency flex
Large 16 lbs (7.3 kg) magnet assembly


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