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Eminence from Acoustic Amp vs. C12G?

Hi all! The original Eminence speaker in my 112 65 blew years ago and I didn't know enough to recone it. Now I'm trying to replace the cheap celestion that I'm playing through.

I can get a square back Eminence (#130095 from 1980) that originally came from an Acoustic 2x12 amp. Looks like the it was originally a 60W amp: https://reverb.com/item/280120-vintage-acoustic-g60t-model-163-tube-guit...
Seems like this would work in my 65W amp fine, unless I'm totally cranking it.
Can anyone confirm if this speaker is Alnico?

Or I can get a Music Man-branded ceramic Eminence (C12G, made in 1981).

Both are $50 from local sellers.

I'm leaning toward the square back, because I loved my old square back Eminence before it blew. Mostly just want to know how much of a difference the lower wattage will make. Thoughts?

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That eminence is ceramic/ I

That eminence is ceramic/ I would go for the MM speaker if you're interested in being original, other than that, either will work. Just check the impedance.


I got the MM speaker! Popped

I got the MM speaker! Popped it in and it sounds great :). Happy to have picked that one over the other Eminence, especially after learning that it is ceramic as well! Appreciate your reply

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