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A Few Mod Requests

A friend has an RD 50 head I found and recapped for him, asked if I could do a few mods:

1 -Tame the Bright switch so it's less bright but still boosts volume a bit
2 - Enable the Bright switch to work on both "channels" (Clean and Limiter side)
3 - Control the Bright switch from the Reverb button on the footswitch
4 - Enable Reverb to always be on

For #1: I've modded the Bright switch to act like the later RD-50 Mid-Shift switch, but don't want to go that far here. Thinking a simple cap value change for the Bright switch should do the job.

For #2: Can probably figure out how to have the Bright switch work on both sides of the circuit, but if anyone's done it and can advise, that would be most appreciated.

For #3: Seems pretty straightforward, disconnect the FS1 Reverb RCA jack side that normally gets grounded when footswitching Reverb off, connect that to the Bright switch so it grounds the other side of the switch when footswitch engaged.

For #4: Doing #3 should take care of this.

Any suggestions or advice welcome.