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212 HD 130 Reverb Weak

Hello, I hope someone can help with my issue. My HD130 sounds great on the normal channel and likewise on the reverb and tremolo, but they haven’t worked. I wanted to tackle getting the trem and reverb to work, and was successful with the trem. Several caps were dead. The reverb signal is good up to the tank. The tank and wires all check out. You can crash the tank and hear it through the amp, but it isn’t amplified. I moved the op amps around from the normal channel, but no improvement and the normal channel continues to operate. I’m thinking maybe another bad cap, but I do t know which could be at fault. Does anyone know the diagnosis? Thank you.


If you can hear the tank

If you can hear the tank crash when you strike it but it does not pass guitar signal, the tank has a bad input transducer. Replace the tank, I like the MOD brand units, very strong and natural sounding.


Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your response. I failed to note in my post that the reverb tank is new, a MOD, and it is the correct one for the amp. I replaced the original Accutronics with the MOD also thinking that had to be the problem. Unfortunately the problem still exists. I’m stumped.


More things to try

Need to verify that the new tank is good, can you test it with another amp?

Also need to test the RCA cable, it may be bad.

Finally, see the next-to-last post in this thread:


Post what you find, and good luck!

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