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speakers blown? HD 210/130

What's the process for a non-gearhead like me to test if speakers blown, or other components?
Last used in 2015 bar jam. Sound went out, did not know how to set for distortion, had all knobs at 10. NO idea what impedance or voltage setting was set at.
Just read some of the manual downloaded, so NOW I know better...
Would like to get this amp back into play so I can see what it is really capable of. Seeking Dave Alvin type tone.
Biting crunchy bloozy.
Just purchased a pair of Jensen Blue Mod spkrs in case of replacement. Cuz they were $60 the pair.
Anyways...anyone want to assist? Before I spend $$ on a tech?

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Rough and ready test is to

Rough and ready test is to use a 1.5 v battery and connect it to the speakers terminals and see if it makes any noise. Just touching the terminals to the speakers should cause the speaker cone to move and crackle a little.

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