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Need model numbers of transformers for 115 RP

i’m a noob to this forum and know very little about electronics but i freaking love my amp!
was playing it for 20 + years then it’s cackled and just stopped making sound.
it powers up, tubes light up, gets all nice and warm but nothing else. took it to an “amp guy” who said it was “most likely” the output transformer but he couldn’t be sure nor did he know where to get one.
1. does that even sound like an output transformer problem?

2. got any recommendations to help me at least basically troubleshoot the problem?

Lastly, any recommendations for an actually solid amp repair person in texas? preferably in the houston area.
i just love this amp and want it fixed once and fixed right.

again, apologies for my lack of knowledge. just a player.

thank you


You can try George Benton

(281) 479 - 3939 - he mostly does organs, but he can repair anything and if nothing else can refer you to someone if he can't take the job. He's in Pasadena.

Lars Verholt


Thank you Lars!

Thank you Lars!



Is the speaker good? Check it or try a different one. -mgriffin

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