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Repro MM Cabinets?

Have an RD50 chassis on its way. It started life as a 112, then someone stuck it into an ill fitting Fender head cabinet. Ideally I'd like to find an original MM head, 112 or 110 cabinet, in that order of preference. Failing that...anyone know of any repro cab builders?

Suppose I could always just slide and dice up the head cab it's in now...


Ain't nothing like the real thing...

Turns out the seller had the original cabinet, it's a beat but structurally sound blonde 112. So that's on its way too.


Black Grillcloth

Looking for some black grillcloth to regrill the '81 RD 50 112 cabinet I have coming, anyone have any or know where to find a good match?


Found It! (Black Grill Cloth)

Got some black grill cloth on eBay from seller "popr47" of the "The C and D Music Emporium", best price, fast shipping, and most importantly, a perfect match to the black grill cloth used by MM.

Here's the ad I purchased from for my latest RD50 112 project:


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