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Dubby Dub Dub

KT88 in SixtyFive

Hi music men (and women),

I've recently put some KT88s in my sixty five at a reputable tech in Manchester (UK). Pat was blown away with the build quality on these amps, and looking at the plate voltage which was running at 780volts, thought it would be cool to put some KT88s in.

I got it recapped, they needed doing, but sadly the JJ KT88s where bad ones, and one completely cracked when I was spanking it. It did sound amazing when loud, but as I mate was playing it, we cranked it up and pressed the deep switch which is when it blew the tube.

Anyway, what I didn't get changed were the bias feed resistors. Should I get them swapped out to 100k or leave in 220k?

Anyone else messing with these?

One thing he noticed about these amps is that they're really good, and properly set up for bass too. My bassist is currently rehearsing with an RP65 into a 210 reflex cab (musicman), and it sounds amazing, especially with the fuzz pedals....amen musicman amps.