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Help dating my 115/65?

I work in the warehouse at guitar center and had been looking for a nice vintage tube amp but didn’t really know what I was looking for. I saw the MM sitting in the used amp section and it caught my eye immediately. I fell in love with it as quickly as it intrigued me and I just took it home today. Have done minor research over the past couple weeks and know it was manufactured between 74-79 and was stoked to see that I got it for a pretty fantastic price.The serial is BN04941 I was wondering if anyone could share some knowledge with me!

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Help dating my 115/65

If you take the amp chassis out, there may be a date written with a marker pen on the circuit board. You can also date the transformer using the Schumacher manufacturer date codes. You can google how to interpret the codes on transformers, potentiometers and speakers, if they are still original.

On this website you can do a search on "serial numbers demystified" as a topic...but it seems the serial numbers do not mean much for dating the amp..but they can tell you a bit more about the amp itself.

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