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Speaker Choice for Fuzz/Heavy Dist Extension Cab

Hi Guys,

I'm working on getting some new sounds out of my MM HD 130 2x10. This thing is a monster for compressed cleans and crunch. I love the overdriven reverb sounds too, think White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane). But I have yet to get a decent Fuzz out of this girl. The rig is running Eminence ceramics (similar to Legend 1058).

I get very shrill sounds whenever into heavy distortion/fuzz territory. This is the case whether I drive the amp itself (Hi power, Master and Vol on 10) or try to achieve something similar with a pedal (tried Analog, digital, multiple settings etc) at lower volumes. Pushing the PI tube changes the breakup point, but doesn't effect the tone really. Of course I can turn treble to 0 or 1 and this helps, but the tone just doesn't sound right. I'm after a nice, 'sizzly' fuzz.

I'm planning on recapping both in the next few months after all my bits and pieces get here (I'm not in the US) and am hoping that will help.

SO - in the meanwhile I'm looking for speaker suggestions for an extension cab that will help the cause. This will be my live rig, and I'm looking to be able to switch between on board speakers and ext cab for my different sounds.

Anyone achieved something palatable in the heavy distortion/fuzz area with their MM? If so, please share.

Surely some MM owners out there feel the need for huge distortion like me? At least once in a while? I'd really appreciate your advice on how to achieve that (without carting along a Plexi or a Bassman).

On the speaker front I'm looking for something that will give me the smoothest/warmest (least shrill) sound. The Weber blue dog ceramics are looking like an option but I would love some suggestions.

Most people here like their cleans, I get it - so do I. But only half the time. Please let me know what you've tried, what worked, what didn't and why. As I'm overseas I can't just buy something and sell it on ebay if it doesn't work. Shipping and customs cost are almost as much as the speakers!! So I need to buy once and buy right.

Thanks guys. Looking forward to hearing from you.




All my friends use Celestion speakers. Take a look at Creambacks. No harsh hi's . -mgriffin

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I do like the creamback. I

I do like the creambacks. I wouldn't hesitate to use them in certain applications. Anyone have experience with Weber Blue Dog?

While we're at it, who is using a 115 and why? Yes - bigger base. That would be great with the MM sound. What else? How's the high end?

From the Catalogue (http://pacair.com/mmamps/Documents/MM%201974%20Catalog%20m.pdf)

"The 115-65 contains s 15" speaker. .full bodied, mellow sound...it is also an excellent amp for the steel player due to its ability to handle complex chord structures without breaking up"

Would this mellowness apply itself to a high gain situation (i.e. not get shrill)?


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