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Multi-Meter recommend please?

Hi all,

I've got this posted over in the Capacitor Replacement forum but it's not getting any action.

What multi-meter is a good choice not only for recapping but tube biasing? And why? I'd appreciate any recommendations for someone planning to maintain their amp for the long haul, not a cheap one off.

Here's what I've come up with after reading some forums, blogs, etc: A general purpose unit may not do everything required. A good candidate should do at least these things:

* check capacitance
* check continuity
* measure millivolts and microvolts (?)
* be true RMS (this one seems tricky, and expensive. Is it really necessary?)
*have audible beeps when testing things

A unit I've seen recommended a few times is this: Mastech MS8229.


The price point is reasonable, and apparently does everything necessary, but perhaps not RMS?