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Speaker Emulation

I've been doing a lot of recording, and with the HD 150 and my time mostly limited to evenings, I'm looking for the best way to get the music man amp sound without the cabinet. I know there are a number of high end emulators out there, but I'd rather spend big bucks on other aspects of my home recording set up.

I have found the Behringer ULTRA-GI GI100 with speaker emulation. It doesn't allow you to set the impedance, or offer any real specs other than...

Frequency response : 10 Hz to 160 kHz
Noise : -99.2 dBu
Distortion: < 0.014% (1 kHz, 0 dBu in)
Input resistance : > 250 kOhm
Connection impedance : > 600 Ohm
Input : 1⁄4" mono jack
Output : XLR balanced
Max. input level: +8/ +28/ +48 dBu (Simulation OFF) | -2/ +18/ +38 dBu (Simulation ON)

Link to full doc

Any thoughts on this as a viable option versus spending several 100s more? Clearly the priority is NOT to fry my amp.



You need a load

The DI unit you are referring to does not have a load for the amplifier in it, the manual clearly states that you need to use it with a speaker cabinet or other load.

Lars Verholt

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Hi Lars,

Hi Lars,
Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I figured that out. I did end up getting it anyway, as I have an old Fender Solid-State practice amp with headphones out, and the cabinet emulator is not that bad for $40.

Now if only real load boxes where that cheap. I’m looking at the Rivera Mini RockRec. It seems pretty flexible and can handle the full 150W of my amp. It doesn’t have some of the fancy cabinet simulators and micing options that some of the more expensive ones offer, but it does offer about 6 voicings and I’d be running it into my audio interface which gives me all the options of AmpliTube and Logic Pro, etc.


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