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110 RD-50 FX Loop or PWR-AMP-IN MOD uk-based

Excuse if this is a duplicate thread
I'd like to insert direct to power amp at line-level if possible
A full FX loop isn't necessary but if it's worth doing at the same time I'd look at that too.
The amp is unmodified at the moment and all original from, I think,1981.
My skills may not be up to this and I don't have a scope at the moment.
I'd probably be looking at finding a tech in the UK who can do it if possible.
Any experience or tech info would be very welcome

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My RD One Hundred has a loop on the front panel.

Check the schematic for yours. I recall somewhere there is info for adding a volume pedal in the loop if desired.


110 RD-50 Mod

Hi Bill
Many thanks for your reply.
I’m not fully familiar with all the Musicman amps but I think that is just a feature on the bigger ones.
The RD-50 doesn’t have any in/out for a loop nor a master volume as far as I can tell.
I have looked at the schematic posted on this site and it seems to confirm this.
It’s a great amp but for me to get the most out of it in my setup it looks like I’ll have to try to mod.
Glad you like your own.

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That's too bad, I am going to

That's too bad, I am going to make a volume pedal for mine when I find a low enough resistance pot that will fit an old wah. (Gear driven)


That sounds a good idea - I'm

That sounds a good idea - I'm sure there will be the right pots out there ?!

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