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Good, clear copy of 2475-65 schematic

I just replaced the PT on my MM 112 sixty-five, vintage 1977. It is working but still has a distortion problem in low power. I do have schematics but every copy I find for this chassis is very blurry. I think the 2275-130 schematic is the same except for the finals so I you can get by. I would just like to have a clear copy to save my eyes. Thanks to anyone who can find one for me. Mike

Sorry for the typo in 2471 vs 2475. This may not be in the proper place on the forum, I am sorry if it isn't. Mike


I emailed Steve a gif and pdf

I emailed Steve a gif and pdf copy of the originals that came with my '74 210 Sixty-Five some time ago, don't see it on the site, but send me your email address and I'll send you a copy.



thanks for the rapid reply

thanks for the rapid reply. I have already emailed you. I was originally going to say I wanted the PDF file but being able to edit the GIF file might be nice too>

Thanks, Mike


Mike -

Mike -

Sent you the gif and pdf schematics, if you have any questions please post here or email me directly.

I have a '74 210 Sixty-Five that I am trying to get healthy (distortion at low volume) and a '76 410 Sixty-Five I am recapping.

Good luck getting your amp running, be interested to hear what you found the source of the problem to be.


Me too!

In the internet you can find only the blurry schematics.

If it would be possible, can you send me a copy of the 2475-130 schematic (12ax7)?

Thanks a lot



2475-65 Schematic

I only have the 2475-65 schematic, message me your email address and I'll send it out to you tonight.

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Here's a good clean copy in

Here's a good clean copy in jpg and pdf. I COULD email the full sized scan if anybody wants it. It's too large to post here. Mike.

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