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Erwin Rosheuvel
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Repair (1980) MM 212-HD One Fifty

I haven’t been playing the amp for years and years and when I fired it up, the sound was not oke, the tremolo and the phaser where not working anymore and the tubes where crappy. Also the previous owner messes up the wiring so time to have it fixed.

The amp had a COMPLETE refurb. job, incl. a new speaker cloth. Quite extensive and time consuming!

The job was done by Guus Hendriks, a real expert with an incredible knowledge on vintage amps. Check hit site (https://www.henderamps.nl/) or look for Henders Amps on Facebook, which shows pictures of the repair.

Thanks, Guus!

See pics of the repair

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LOOKING GOOD! Well done but

LOOKING GOOD! Well done but how does it SOUND? Mike.

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