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Driving 2 EV's with HD-130 Reverb

Hey everyone!

I have a MM 212RH cab (to match my HD-130) but I do not know which speakers I am gonna put in it... I have the originals MM Alnico speakers (with the horse shoe magnet) and I have 2 EVs.
I have absolutely no experience with the MM speakers (I received the cab and the speakers separately so I never hooked those up), what do they sound like ?
However, I really like EVs. I play a RP100 with the stock EV and it sounds amazing. But will a HD-130 drive two EVs easily ?

Any answer will be appreciated!

Best regards

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GAWD YES, it will drive them

GAWD YES, it will drive them. Geez, that amp is a monster. As long as the load setting is right (4 or 8 ohm) it will crank. Ev's ARE nice. Mike.

Tom Lance

the EV speakers.....

more than likely the EV speakers are the 12L which are rated at a 200 watt minimal drive @ 8 ohm's . Now that you have 2 of them in the cabinet wired in parallel HOLY SMOKE you're going to be LOUD.


EVs are also heavy :)

The RH cabs were sold with EVs - some as the only option, some as an upgrade option. In the latter case the EV loaded version of the cab is considerably heavier. The main reason, to me, for using EVs is that they have a higher power tolerance and stay cleaner than the stock Eminence (MM branded) speakers at high volumes. I could also see an advantage in the sound for pedal steel, electric pianner or maybe amplified acoustic guitar. Anyhoo - the original MM speaker in the RH cab is slightly heavier than even the HD type used in the old flagship 130W 212 combo. So, the RH version could be closer to EV in sound and power handling than the regular MM speakers. If you aren't going to haul the cab around, the EV sounds like an obvious choice.

Lars Verholt

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I put the EVs in the cab

Thanks for the comments!

So I finally put EVs in the RH cab and the sound is awesome! Fat, warm, clean and powerful. Everything I expected! However, it weighs a ton. But I'm not planning to haul it anywhere (I don't want to go down the stairs with it, it is way too heavy)

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