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New Production knobs for sale

I have a large number of new production knobs from the same manufacturer that made them 50 years ago for Music Man and Sunn. I wanted them for my amp, the minimum order was 500, of course I needed the knobs so of course I bought 500. I figured if I wanted them so badly, surely others would as well. I'm selling 460 of them, or somewhere thereabouts, so as to have enough left to restore my future Music Man amps that will inevitably come into my life as it goes on.

Note that the price is artificially inflated above what I would have *liked* to sell them for, to account for fees associated with selling on those sites. My apologies for that but I am still, at the end of the day, simply selling them "at cost."




Tip o' the hat!

Hyperform, you deserve the 'attaboy of the week' in my book. Don't apologize for the price - you deserve to make 5 cents for your efforts.

Lars Verholt

Joel DC
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Got some on the way! Thanks

Got some on the way! Thanks for posting it here. Attaboy!!


any left?

I know I'm super late to this but just seeing if you might have one knob left for sale? Thanks


Looking for a few mm 0-10

Looking for a few mm 0-10 knobs also.. Let me know if you have any.


Could use a bunch myself - any still available?

Please let us know if you still have any...

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I don’t suppose you still have some of those 500 x ‘0 to 10’ knobs to suit my Musicman 210 HD?

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I don’t suppose you still have some of those 500 x ‘0 to 10’ knobs to suit my Musicman 210 HD?


Interested in MM knobs

Do you still have knobs for sale? I am looking for the black skirted knobs with numbers, the ones that look similar to Fender knobs but their proportions are a bit different.

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That Reverb.com link is still

That Reverb.com link is still active so you can get the knobs from him still. Mike


Knobs are long gone

Hi, OP here. I keep getting messages on the Reverb listing inquiring about availability. I ended the listing 3 years ago when I ran out of knobs. I do not have any more, and never will. Many apologies to everyone who missed out, I know how you feel--indeed, that's why I bought them to begin with. However, someone else is going to have to pick up the torch, it's not going to be me again. I know this will come as a somber note of finality to everyone who might otherwise have held out hope.

I am still happy to reply to anyone (via Reverb) who has questions about my experience if they feel like they are on the fence about whether they themselves want to blow an absurd amount of money and try to recoup it through small sales. I am an open book on that matter. However, my inventory of 0 will remain the same. I ordered 500 exactly, kept 20 for my two amps, and sold the 480 others to the last.


New Production knobs


First of all, a big thank you to Hyperform for his exprerience and feedback informations !

The good news is that the original manufacturer still had the molds. So they were able to put MM knobs into production, but they needed to fulfill a minimum order to make it worth their time since it wasn't one of their standard products. So I have been trying for several months to contact them by e-mail for advance payment for commitment.

But I have had no response... I would like to be able to call them but being in France and speaking badly american, I am afraid that I would not be taken seriously by the manufacturer. Still, I'm willing to order the minimum order quantity for their
155 series control knobs which corresponds to vintage music man knobs...

I would like to point out that I am not a salesperson but just an enthusiast frenchy who would like to be able to restore his own MM amps for the pleasure of the eyes and ears !

Could there be an American among you who could help me contact them?

Have a nice day !


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Music Man knobs in stock at Amplified Parts

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Cool find. Thanks! Mike.

Cool find. Thanks! Mike.


Rogan 155 Comparaison


That's right ! New production... with some little variations !

From left to right :

1 - Rogan's new production
2 - Rogan's new production
3 - original production (mint condition)
4 - original production (bad condition)
5 - spare knob (before painting the numbers and adding the aluminum plate)

Have a nice day !


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