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MM RD 50 Mods

2 months ago, I got a MM RD 50 112. My friend has several MM amps and loves to work on them. I didn't care for the stock sound of the distortion channel so he put in one of the mods that has already been suggested. It now sounds more like an overdrive and I'm digging it. I also am not a fan of the bright switch so he converted that to a Mid-Shift for the distortion channel and it really gives some clarity to it no matter which guitar I play. This is an awesome amp: quiet, small, light weight, loud and clean with all usable features now. Thanks to Inertian!


MM RD 50 Mods?

How do I get a hold of Intertian? I'd like to get these mods you've had done too. Thx.


MM RD 50 Mods

Here I am!

You can contact me through the page (click on my name, then the Contact tab).

Basically I do the Bob W mod, and change a few component values. I also came up with a foot-switchable Boost function that works for both the Clean and Dirty sides of the amp.

Can't take credit for the mods, big thanks to Bob W and Latent Lemon Audio who provided the schematic and details. And of course much gratitude to Terry Loose who explained the design of the amp to me in the first place.

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