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Can I tell if this cabinet is 'safe' with my HD 130?

Hello all-
I've had my HD 130 410 for exactly one week and love it to death already- mainly guitar so far and my peavey classic 50 410 is getting jealous (MM wins for clean fender and light blues- peavey wins for clean to crunch versatility)

I've already learned that mine was moded for 6l6s (thanks Mike and Lars!) and now I want to try bass-

I have an old PA cabinet with a 15 and horn- rated at 8ohm and 300w
I plugged it up for a few minutes (unplugged the 4 10s) and it sounded really nice-

But here's my concern-
The reason the cabinet was retired was I thought the horn was blown- Couldn't tell it when I played with bass thru hd 130- all lows

If it is blown, doesn't that shift the ohms and power rating?
And is 300w too much considering the mm is only 130?

Anyone have any ideas how I can test the cabinet to determine if it is compatible? If I can use this cabinet, it would be nice not to have to get another cabinet-

Thanks in advancen for ideas !

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Look at the speaker and see

Look at the speaker and see if it's 8 ohms and just disconnect the horn. It will be hooked up through a crossover so just cut the crossover out of the circuit. Set the amp to either 4 ohms or 8 depending on the speaker. Mike./


Well that should be easy

Mike, thanks for being there again, and can't wait to get a screw drive out tonight! Will let you know which way it goes and will post more about this beautiful beast soon!

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