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MM 2x10 HD 130 value??

Got a chance to pick up a very minty MM 2x10 HD 130....all original with original footswitch and speakers...even the tubes....looks wonderful....grill cloth has some yellowing/browning patina but no holes or tears at all.....hardware looks VG....tolex is perfect......sounds incredible...not sure what to offer?

Help with an offer price or its value?

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Best bet is to scan evilbay

Best bet is to scan evilbay and see what they are going for. They vary SSOOOO much it's not even funny/ Also, depends on whether you know the person or not and whether you want to piss them off or not! Insult, 400 fair, 500. That's MY opinion anyway. Mike.


Mike, thanks...don't know

Mike, thanks...don't know them.....on craigslist......I think too high at $699.....but, it is very nice.....nothing on Evilbay or anyplace else actually....no much on this model.....
I was going to offer $350 and just pick up and go; not even play it.....

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Life is like a box of

Life is like a box of chocolates, and so are MM amps. I would try to get to know the seller a little bit and the history of the amp. Bring your guitar and a good cable, give the amp a good look over, and see if you like what you hear.

Before that I would try to get some smarts by researching everything I could find out about this model amp. If I'm going to buy and pay major $$$ for this amp, I better know something about it. And, that will be good for me down the road also with care and maintenance.

Back in the day I bought a 130HD reverb head, sight unseen, that was told to me that it was in, "mint" condition. When it arrived the driver tubes didn't match, it had the wrong reverb tank, and the power cord needed replacing. I learned a good lesson from that.

Be careful, do your homework, trust your gut & ears.
Good luck, I honesty hope it works out well for you. Dave.


Thanks for the good advice..

Thanks for the good advice...I owned a 2x10 HD 130 about 10 years ago...loved it; let her get away......with pix and talking to the owner, I am impressed so far......I think probably $400-500 is fair......

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Sorry, I should have asked if

Sorry, I should have asked if you ever played or owned a 2x10 130HD before my last post. Looks like you know your way around this amp. I hope it's the one for you. Dave.


NO sweat brother.......!

NO sweat brother.......!

The seller offered a selling price of $400............. is this a very good deal for this amp?


I'd say yes

If you're buying it to play it, I'd say go for it. You can always get that money back if you don't like it for some reason. Could you resell it at a profit? I dunno. It's never a sure thing. 2x10 amps always seem to be a hot item, almost regardless of which model.

Lars Verholt

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