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My Music Man

This is my underused Music Man that now is at home, It's way too loud to use for practice but is fully working and has a badge on the back stamped Strawberry Studios I have had it around 15 years after buying off friend who didn't like it and could not recall where he actually got it from.

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One nice looking amp.

One nice looking amp. Remember stealing (oops-BORROWING!) these when I worked at the store and using them for demos at my gigs back then. LOT of bass response out of that horn cab. ALMOST too much for guitar but it was manageable. Of course, back then, we were so freaking loud that who could tell anything! Ah, the good old days! I remember working army bases with TWO MM 130 watt heads and two 4x12 cabs and they were cranked. No mic'ing back then. just loud. Geez, it's a wonder I can hear now! Mike.


Good Grief

Good grief Mike. Playing through two of those 130's can cause kidney failure. -mgriffin

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She's a beaut !!

There once was a time when I wanted to get my mitts on a couple of those 212RH cabs for my 130. But that never happened and I ended up going with a couple of Carvin 2x12 cabs instead.
Very nice, thanks for the look-see. Dave.

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