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Here's a killer cut of AG playing live with LR. Seems like he is using a 65 or 130 2x10. How did he get that much gain from the amp (check his solo towards the end)? He was not a pedal user as far as I know.



That is a great clip - thanks

That is a great clip - thanks for sharing that...

IMO - Musicman amps have great gain.... not high gain (by today's standards), but great sounding - clear gain. Crank the volume to 8-10, and then turn up the the master for the correct volume. You need to radically change the tone controls when doing this... crank the highs and turn down the lows - mid to taste. Joan Jett used Musicman amps on most of her recordings (especially the early ones), and there was a canuck named Brian "Too Loud" McLeod that played with Chilliwack and the Headpins. His tones were incredible.... a Strat with a stacked humbucker, straight into an HD130.

I have a Sixty-Five 212 and I can easily get those tones (Joan Jett, Too Loud McLeod) pushing my amp.... set as described above.

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What I found amusing is the

What I found amusing is the guys comments about Andrew being a BETTER guitar player than Waddy. Geez, Waddy's an icon and studio player to the stars. Andrew IS good (RIP) but Waddy's the MAN! Mike.

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More MM with Linda

Here's BOTH Waddy and Andrew playing what looks like twin 2-10's. Stop it at 1:27


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