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MM 112-RP-SixtyFive for sale

For Sale: MM 112-RP-65. Was gone through by a tech just prior to my purchase. Phasor components were replaced, general maintenance performed. Tubes were replaced with matched GT EL-34's. It appears to have lived most of its life near the beach, as all the shiny parts were rusty. I replaced as many as I could find available - corners, glides, hardware. I even found a pair of reconditioned chassis straps - pure unobtanium. I left the original strap handle instead of replacing it with the incorrect Fender part, in hopes that the new amps will use the same type as the old, and make a better replacement part available again. I left the footswitch alone, but added a nifty little bag to keep it in, so the cable doesn't get tangled everywhere. I cleaned and reconditioned the tolex, and replaced the grill cloth. Unfortunately the badges were gone before I got it. (there is a logo badge on eBay right now, if you need one) Everything works as it should, and the bass is really tight with the Bugera Vintage series 12" replacement speaker. I tried a few in the amp, and this one sounds the best. It's located in the Central Florida area. My asking price is $450 OBO, plus fees/shipping. There are a half dozen pics in the attached file. I can send more on request. You can contact me at bendeco@att.net. Thanks for looking! ---JT

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