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release date for new MM Amps

Anyone heard anything about when new MM amps will be on sale? I thought September the where going on sale.


Release date

I spoke with MM on the phone a couple of days ago; the guy said they were coming out in 2015 (he didn't say if early or late in the year).

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Let us know

Let us know here on the MM amps message board when you find out any thing about the release.

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Where will new amps be sold?

Where do you think the new amps will be sold.?
Musician's Friend?

I'd be up for a bata test.

Joel DC
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There is one on Reverb.com.

There is one on Reverb.com. Made in Indonesia. Almost 1300 dollars + 175 for shipping.

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Wow-THAT's freaking high!.

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I was thinking of getting the

I was thinking of getting the little woman to take a look at it. Then acting all excited like I "really" wanted/needed it.. Then remembered I don't have dental insurance anymore.

I am curious how they play, and if that's the going rate for the next generation. Dave.

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New HD 130 2-12

Where are the outlets or music stores where a new one can be bought?


Maybe they'll be more affordable

Maybe they'll be more affordable from US stores. Everything costs more in the UK. -mgriffin


New MM amps

I contacted them last week asking when the new amps will be available in the US and they replied back:
" The amps are available in select markets around the world right now. Distribution has not been set up for the US or Canada yet. As soon as we have more information regarding availability we will make a formal announcement. Thank you for your patience."
- Don't hold your breath.

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Judging by the price, they

Judging by the price, they are looking at the cork sniffer market. A poor old boy from my side of the tracks won't be getting any of them, that's for sure. Mike.

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I agree! I don't remember the

I agree! I don't remember the originals being more than the equivalent "F" or "M" amplifier.
I went to the music store with the fellow who's MM amp I now own, and he tried several, before deciding on this one. (We brought in his steel guitar, and set it up in the store). He traded in a 5 or 6 year old "Twin" that he was starting to get worried about reliability.


Price of new Musicman 212 HD

Stumbled upon a store selling them new at around $2450-00....I stopped searching after that and went back to my old one from the mid seventies.... has more vibe :)


DV Mark / Music Man

Just curious....anybody test one? Anybody buy one and look inside?
They are coming down in price and can be bought in Europe for less than a vintage model. Seen them for 450 Euros used.

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