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Last picture of my 'stable'

Here was my stable before I sold off the 100RD w/210RH cab and 112RP. I miss those amps but needed to downsize as I wasn't playing gigs anymore and 'there could be only one'. The 212 Seventy-Five was in the best condition (like new to this day) and most versatile. Too bad it weighs a ton, eh?

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NIce. Yes the 75's and ALL

NIce. Yes the 75's and ALL the 2-12's weigh a ton. I have a twin with jbl's. THAT mofo is ridiculously heavy. My 2-10 65 has weber cali's in it and IT is heavy. I have since gone to a LOT smaller amps. Still have them all of course. What a packrat! Mike.

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Hi you think that weighs a tonne!!! Try the 130hd. I have it permanently on a home made trolley. The sound is worth it. I also have the 212x75. Good luck.

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