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Easy TRS Adapter

I decided to try out the Front Panel inserts on my RD112-100 with a new Chorus pedal. I needed the mysterious Tip-Ring-Sleeve (6.3mm Stereo plug) into two 6.3mm Mono plugs cable. The local electronic shop didn't have the required cable, but it had lots parts, so I assembled the following:

3.5mm Stereo to 2 RCA cable - 6-ft
Audio plug adapter 6.3mm Stereo (i.e tip-ring-sleeve) to 3.5mm Stereo
Audio plug adapter 6.3mm Mono to RCA jack
total cost $10.95

It works really well with the Chorus pedal (which I am very happy with also...)

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Good on you! Kind of wonder why you didn't just put the 1/4" mono PHONE plugs on the end though instead of the RCA PHONO plugs. Hey, it's all good as long as it works! Mike.

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I thought about soldering it

I thought about soldering it together from scratch...just seemed easier to buy stuff that snaps together. I wasn't too confident about the wiring arrangement of the TRS. I found a cable that had the 3.5mm stereo plug on one end and 2 RCA plugs...and nearby in the aisle was the 1/4 inch mono plug with RCA end...Viola...
Now that I understand it better, I will likely build a more solid and permanent cable.

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Gotcha. I misundertook you! Thought you put it together. My bad. Now I get what you did. Hey, it all works. Mike.


Hosa YPP117

Reviving this thread. I bought two HOSA stereo breakout adapters to use for the RD 65 effects loops. It works very well. Red becomes effects send and black becomes effects return. All for $6 each! http://hosatech.com/product/ypp-117/

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Stereo Break-out Adapter

That is my old post...under a different user name (Email change driven...) The HOSA is the same idea as the thing I assembled and looks pretty simple and solid. Just plug'n play!

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