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Music Man Amplifiers as the chassis for new designs!

Music Man amplifier chassis and cabinets have been used as the basis for many new amp designs, modifications and rebuilds.  Andy Fuchs and his Fuchs ODS rebuilds are probably the most visible and numerous out there.  I have seen quite a few others which include the Edgefield Super Reverb rebuild and custom MM rebuild for Joe Perry of Aerosmith when he left to form "the Joe Perry Project".  Both of these are pictured below.   This thread is basically the beginning of a new section for this web site. 

Here are the photos:

Edgefield Super Reverb, Front View    Edgefield Super Reverb, Interior

Edgefield Super Reverb, Rear   


Joe Perry Project, Boneyard Mod



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Howertone Music Man Rebuild

Recently, my brother Chris obtained a "Howertone" Music Man rebuild (by Doug Howerton of Vancouver , Washington) in a gear trade.  Doug Howerton is also responsible for the 5150EX-2 mod project documented on the "Eurotubes" web site.  The first 5150EX-2 was sold to Steve Frost, a local guitar slinger I used to play with back in the '80s!  Small world.

Here are some photos of this Howertone Music Man rebuild (which is a jazzy warm clean tone with low gain):

Howertone Music Man Rebuild, Left Interior    Howertone Music Man Rebuild, Interior Right.

Howertone Music Man Rebuild, Interior    Howertone Music Man Rebuild, Front

As can be seen, not all the front panel controls are used so you only need to adjust the ones that actually work!  This amp was originally a 65-series head.


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