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Music Man Great Rockabilly Amp !!


Ron Cabral (ronc43)
Username: ronc43

Registered: 07-2012
Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 12:55 pm:   

HI, I am new to the board but I got to tell you I love my Music Man amps that I have acquired over the last two years. The 212HD I stumbled across at a swap meet. I was selling my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe when a gentlemen asked if I would be interested in a trade for his Music Man.He brought it over plugged it in and I instantly fell in love with the sound. It has a big clear sound with great midrange just what I was looking for. The 210RP I just bought that one about a month ago for $300.00 and it came with a 115 RH cabinet. The 210RP hooked up with 115RH is another sound I also fell in love with. I have had this Digitech RP50 Modeling Processor for awhile now and I never really cared for the tone I would get out of it until I used it with the 210RP. Now I can get all kinds of great sounds.
The other pedals I use are a Tubescreamer and a Danelectro Reel Echo which gives me that slapback sound. I know Music Man amps are not what would be considered traditional rockabilly amps but I like the fact that I can create my own tone with these amps and I get lots of compliments on my sound at jam sessions.
Mike Kaus (mm210)
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Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 07:48 am:   

I had a 2-12 back in the day before I got stupid and traded it off for something-don't really remember WHAT it was, now that I think of it. Probably a guitar. Anyway, great sounding amp. I stupidly let the factory convert it to SS driver and it was never the same. I was having trouble with it eating tubes and I got sick of buying tubes every 3 months.I wasn't hip to working on MM at the time(remember, this was 1978!) so it went by-by. Mike