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RD-65 bright switch


Lars Verholt (lmv)
Username: lmv

Registered: 11-2009
Posted on Saturday, November 19, 2011 - 02:48 pm:   

Just wanted to update you on my RD-65's progress. Being a GD-2 version, the bright switch was waaaay too hot for my liking. So, I noticed that the filter had been modified in the later GD-2A revision of the same amp (where the output tubes when to 6L6) - the 6.8k/0.0033uF RC link had been changed to 10k/0.0022uF. Well, I just had to try it and sure enough, the filter is now very useful indeed. The bright button now works like on my other MM amps - I call it the 'Country Music' button. As much as I am not a 'mod' guy at all, but this slight modification is definitely worth it.

Lars Verholt
Bill Traylor (bozzy369)
Username: bozzy369

Registered: 02-2008
Posted on Saturday, November 19, 2011 - 11:51 pm:   

I have thought of doing the trim knob in place of the switch ,dial it in ,maybe both switches,who knows.....
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It may be 4 years on but

It may be 4 years on but thanks for this post. I have an early 65rd and yes the bright switch is too much. Ive had it for a long time but probably always used darker guitars. definitely going to try this.

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Bright switch on RD 65

So I did the mod from GD 2 to GD 2A for the bright switch and really noticed an improvement ,very useable now. :)
I noticed that the .033 cap I took out was rated at 630 v . Couldnt see that that part of the circuit has that much on it. I only had the .022 in 100 volts which I use to try out . Have I made a mistake here?

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