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RD 210

Hi all

Would anyone know how I would be able to take a 'line out' from my amp so that I can record the guitar signal into my computer? I have tried to make various cables, and plugged them into each of the line out sockets, but neither have produced an output signal. I am baffled!

Hoping someone can throw some light on this for me.
Trevor O


RD Front Jacks

This is straight from the 1980 catalog.

"The RD Series include a variety of features previously unobtainable in single units. A major improvement in flexibility and sound quality is provided by the RD's two line out/line in patch points, one for low and the other for higher levels. These jacks are handy for routing the pre-amplified sound to a pedal or studio type effects device, then returning it to the amplifier. Inserting a volume pedal at this jack point is the same as placing a Master Volume control on the floor; unlike pedals that come before the input, there is no need to increase the volume to compensate for loss, and when you turn down the level, you also turn down any background noise. The same Out/In jacks can be used to feed the power section of another RD or similar amp, making it easy to get double power, or more, above that which could be obtained from a single amplifier. Similarly, the output can be fed to a monitor, reinforcement or recording mixer."

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