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Receptacle and Ground switch

Why don't the European models have the ground rocker switch and receptacle in the back? Thankyou, Albert

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I'm not from EU but I think

I'm not from EU but I think the EU safety rules outlaw them. I seem to remember that from somewhere else. They also usualy have both sides of the ac input routed differently than US versions. Mike


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No AC Neutral in EU

The EU doesn't split 220/250 Vac like the US does so there is no Neutral wire and less chance for unbalanced house wiring like there is in the USA. And as Mr. Kaus says, it's a safety issue. https://robrobinette.com/Death_Cap_and_Ground_Switch.htm


rocker switches

Is the Rocker ground switch in the back of the amp a SPST full size on-off switch? Thankyou, Albert

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