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Info Please

No one knows these amps like you guys and I hope maybe you can shed some light in this for me

I have this 210HD 130 watt that's confusing..
I thought I had read that the older models had Black on Silver background for the name plate.. which mine has.
...but mine only has the 4 tubes.. I dont see a 12AX7 in there... like the newer models..

Also my speakers say: C10GHD 41239
But they don't have the Music Man Stickers on them..

So if anyone could narrow down the year or type of speakers for me I'd appreciate it...

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The amp is still the second

The amp is still the second gen with the SS driver but before they changed the logo. Probably around '78 or so. Speakers, honestly, I've seen them with and without stickers. There should be production numbers like 67-xxxx or 137-xxxx. Those would be the most common. Probably 67 if if I remember correctly. Altec was an option also I believe. Mine out of my 65 are eminence.

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