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HD130-HD 212

Hey Gurus!

I am in the process of culling a herd of gear, thinking about selling my HD-130, and am trying to gather some information. Serial number is C005127, Chassis is 2475-130. I believe that it has the 12AX7 preamp, which would put it '74-'79. I was able to see a pot number of 137763(8?) , and the main board has an initial with what looks like 4/17. (tried to upload a picture, not sure if it worked) Badges are silver background with raised black letters. I am thinking 77, but the inspection date has me wondering...what other components can I look at to nail it down?

Also, when I bought it it had a two speakers that look like Old EVs, but they were not marked either with either EV info or the mucicman sticker. I know they had EVs as an option, any way to tell if these are the originals? They weight about 700-bs a piece! I replaced them with eminance, but am planning to put the originals back in if that makes it more desirable.

Lastly what are your opinions on value? It is very clean, nice tolex and grill cloth, I had a nice cover made, and has original footswitch. Probably needs a recap, but I would prefer to let the buyer take responsibility for that.

Thanks in advance for any insight


Just recently sold mine...

Had two and decided to let my original go. Had it serviced with new tubes and caps about fifteen years ago. Original speakers were long gone and had a couple of 4 ohm Peaveys installed. Got a lot of use out of it and though it looked the part it still sounded great. Paid $350 back in the 90s and sold it for $500.

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