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Dave Kirk

Music Man 212 75

Is there anyone out there who could tell me if it is possible to somehow get reverb to the left channel of my amp, I play pedal steel and lead guitar, and would like to be able to get reverb on the left channel when playing lead guitar.
Many Thanks

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The two button Footswitch

The two button Footswitch (Reverb - Phaser) should work on either channel to turn the effect on or off. I am not sure what you mean by right and left channel...I am not familiar with two channel amps. Do you want to eliminate the need to press the button to turn the reverb on or off when you switch instruments?


Only Ch. 2 has effects

RD112 - the 2 channel amps only have effects on Channel 2.

Lars Verholt


Possible? Yes. Practical? No

Hi there,

it is of course possible to modify a 2ch MM amp to carry reverb on both input channels. However, it is far easier to simply add a reverb pedal to Ch 1. Alternatively you could put an A/B switch between your guitar, pedal steel and Ch2 - but I realise it would only make sense if the Eq settings were somewhat similar for the two instruments.

Lars Verholt

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