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Wrathchild America/Terry Carter


Bill Traylor (bozzy369)
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Posted on Friday, April 10, 2009 - 09:00 pm:   

Ok I know most of you are going Whooooooooooo?But to me this band was one of my favs.They were signed to Atlantic for a couple of albums,and made a few more under their new name Souls at Zero.Also if you didn't figure it out they were a very metal band.Ok,heres were Musicman fits in,for years i went and saw them when they ventured into the Cincy area.They always played Marshalls and those amps sounded great,but one night I went there and one of the guitarist Terry Carter was playing a stack with a musicman head on top ,don't hold me to this but I think it was a 130 but it could have been a 150 ,if I find out I will post it.Thats what made me rethink my idea of a musicman amp.His sound was amazing it cut right though the mix and that was what Marshall was saying about their amps!His sound was big without being one bit muddy.I will say I do think he ran the head clean and used pedals for distortion but alot of musicman owners do that ,let me know if anybody else remembers these guys .