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Posted on Tuesday, July 02, 2002 - 04:48 am:   

am looking to buy an rd112.where can i find one at a reasonable price?
Steve Kennedy
Posted on Tuesday, July 02, 2002 - 11:32 am:   

That depends on a lot of factors... what is reasonable? Are you willing to buy one in need of repair or restoration and do the work yourself or does it need to be in prefect physical and operational condition?

Outside of stumbling on to an amp in a music shop, on the web or in an ad (as you find in magazines like 20th Century Guitar and Vintage Guitar), eBay is by far the largest collection of Music Man amps on a continuous basis that you are likely to see.

I have seen 112RD amps (50, 65 & 100 watt versions) typically sell for $250-$550 depending on history, condition and accessories.


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Posted on Monday, October 28, 2002 - 05:19 am:   

I have got a MusicMan 110 RD Fifty combo.. I wonder what it is worth? I am not interested in selling it, though, just curious..

-TeeKay from Finland
Posted on Saturday, March 15, 2003 - 06:30 pm:   

what is the difference between RD and HD?
Steve Kennedy
Posted on Sunday, March 16, 2003 - 02:06 am:   

Music Man used a number of different two-letter designations for signifying different series of amps or cabinets:

RD = Reverb + Distortion
RP = Reverb + Phaser
RH = Reflex Horn
GS = Guitar Speaker
HD = Heavy Duty (high power)

Pat Leather
Posted on Tuesday, June 03, 2003 - 05:37 pm:   

I've got a MM 112RD Sixty-Five, that needs a new output transformer, otherwise everything is really good on it. new tubes, Brand new Grille cloth, new speaker. I'm in Los Angeles, and would like to sell it whole/as is for $250 if your still lookin'

http://www.pillowfightpunks.com/musicman .html

John Elliott
Posted on Tuesday, June 24, 2003 - 07:24 pm:   

I have a 212-HD that is in good condition and I was wondering what kind of price I can get for it? It has one original speaker and one electro-voice "force 12". The reverb pan was replaced about five years ago. I also had a footswitch made. When I bought the amp it was missing. All the controls works except for the low boost.
Keith Scott
Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 - 01:47 am:   


I found a really clean "115 RH65" cabinet. you could almost call it mint. Is it for bass or guitar? My guess is bass.

What is it worth?

Is anyone interestted?