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Running 212HD Sixty-five with just one speaker in 212 combo cabinet

I still have my old 212HD Sixty-five from the 70's and it still sounds great. 40 years ago I replaced the stock Eminence speakers (since lost) with a pair of EV's with huge, heavy magnets. Now that I'm 40 years older, the amp is just too much to pick up and carry around. I was wondering about removing both EV's and replacing them with just one 12" lighter weight speaker so I might actually carry and use the amp outside of a stationary practice space. Is this a crazy idea? In not, what speaker would be a good replacement? What do I need to be aware of?

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

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I think they used to make a

I think they used to make a 65-1x12 back in the day. Nothing wrong with that idea at all. I would get a speaker that has that power handling capability ( like a weber california) and go with it. I ran my bassman 50 watt head with 1-1x12 cab MANY times when still playing. Worked great and was a crapload easier to carry! Mike Ah, yes. Here you go!

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