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B-100 head restoration (coming soon)

Dear Forum, this post serves two purposes:

1. Creates new content which seems to be rare these days - and I get that, I often just look at the FB group instead
2. To push myself to start renovating an amp, see below.

To motivate myself to get going on the project, I'm making a post here with my Nov 2021 Reverb.com find: A 'pound puppy' 100B bass head. Both being a somewhat sad looking amp and also rare means it's even more attractive to me as a project. So I haven't started on the restore yet, but will soon, and I hope that by making a post in here it will motivate me to get it going.
Not surprising I have already had interest from prospective buyers because it's a rare bird.

The amp came to me advertised as 'does not power on'. The main fuse was dead, so was one of the power tubes. That power tube also had a broken base so improper insertion of the tube could have lead to some issues. We shall see. I just hope that the transformers are ok. I fully expect to replace electrolytics and the driver transistors.

Wish me luck!

All the best to all the forum members around the world.

Lars Verholt

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Lars, good to see you doing

Lars, good to see you doing a project! Keep us updated. Yeah, kind of slow lately here but we're still kicking! Mike.

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